Consultancy services

Nowadays, billions of people have to live well and within the limitations of our planet. With a fast growing population, we have to decouple economic growth from depletion of natural resources while also preserving the last remaining wilderness.

Our mission is to support green growth balancing the needs of people and nature.

Mekon Ecology is an independent consultancy since 1998, which became a limited liability company in 2009. Mekon Ecology provides short-term advisory services to a range of government, institutions, partnerships and non-government organisations.

We provide consultancy services on sustainable production: natural resources management and agricultural supply chains (biofuels, palm oil, soy, timber) especially on issues such as deforestation, climate change and water management.  Services including research, process management, policy and programme development, designing and facilitating public-private partnerships, and conducting programme evaluations and impact assessments.