What we do

Some reference projects:

Policy Advice:

Development of a new strategic partnership on Climate Resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction and Ecosystem-based adaptation. The Alliance include five Netherlands’ based members: NL Red Cross, CARE, Cordaid, Wetlands International and Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.

Policy development support to Dutch Ministry of Foreign Trade and International Cooperation: Re-formulation of the policy on Forests into a new policy agenda for deforestation, sustainable trade and climate change.

Focal Point for Resource Mobilisation of the Convention on Biological Diversity on behalf of the Netherlands and, during the Dutch Presidency, also of the European Union. Representation of the EU at CBD meetings and negotiations.

Advisor on sustainable land use and spatial planning in relation to palm oil production and the European Renewable Energy Directive based upon a case in West-Kalimantan, Indonesia. Also producer of a documentary on participatory land-use planning in West-Kalimantan with a focus on two smallholder farmers.


Coordination, policy development and secretarial support to the signatory countries with regard to defining follow-up of the Amsterdam Declarations on ‘Eliminating Deforestation from Agricultural Commodity Chains with European Countries by 2020’ and ‘Fully Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain by 2020’. Signatory countries are Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, and United Kingdom.

Process manager and advisor to the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN), BothENDS and Wetland International in formulating a €60 million programme for nature conservation and poverty alleviation in 26 countries.

Management of the 200 million Euros funds ‘Sustainable Biomass Fund’ and the ‘Promoting Renewable Energy Programme’ of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs.


Programme evaluation of the World Wide Fund for Nature’ Freshwater Policy Programme in the Zambezi River Basin with a focus on Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Policy evaluation of the Dutch 2004-2011 Latin America policy on sustainability. This policy evaluation looked at integration of sustainability concerns in agricultural commodity trade and wider strategic support for sustainable economic development. Studies included Bio-ethanol from Brazil, Soy from Brazil, Sustainable Forest Management/Timber (Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil).

Programme evaluation of the ‘Green Coast’ Programme (€6m) for the recovering of Coastal Forest ecosystems in support of local livelihoods of the Tsunami-affected people in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The review includes an assessment of the use of the ‘ecosystem approach’, rehabilitation of Coastal Forests, and basic scientific nature & poverty assessments in post-disaster interventions.

Public Private Partnerships:

Support to the design of the PPP between coffee producers in Narino region, Colombia and the companies Carcafe and Starbucks.

Support to the implementation of the Amsterdam Declarations with the private sector such as MVO Oils and Fats Industry and their Commitment on 100% Sustainable Palm Oil in Europe by 2020.

Assessment of the PPP on ecotourism in Liuwa Plains in Zambia by African Parks Ltd.

Impact Assessments:

Meta-study of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of port developments worldwide on behalf of the Netherlands Commission of Environmental Assessment.

Sustainability Assessment of the environmental and climate implications of three programmes in the food security and water sector submitted to the Dutch embassy in Rwanda (incl. Great Lakes Region).

Strategic Impact Assessment of a large-scale Jatropha plantation as a biofuel crop for the large energy utility ENECO in the Netherlands. The assessment included social, economic, environmental and financial issues of establishing a plantation in a Miombo woodland Savannah in the South of Tanzania. The Jatropha oil is intended for export to Europe.